Tamizdat is a nonprofit organization that facilitates and advocates for international cultural mobility and exchange. Driven by the conviction that the international mobility and exchange of culture is fundamental to a healthy and progressive civil society, Tamizdat seeks through its program activities to assist the international performing arts community in addressing problems presented by international borders, and U.S. immigration policy and procedure.
Artist Mobility Updates
Upcoming Tamizdat Events


TamizdatAVAIL provides pro bono assistance to the international performing arts community regarding visas for international artists coming to the U.S. to perform, and regarding issues related to the streaming of live performances.

The Safe Havens Incubator for Musicians: NYC

SHIM:NYC is a creative and professional residency and mentorship program for international musicians who are persecuted or censored for their work.

The Policy Project & Annual 'White Paper'

Through research advocacy and litigation, Tamizdat seeks to make the U.S. artist visa process more affordable, reliable, equitable, and transparent. The cornerstone of this work is Tamizdat's 'White Paper on Artist Mobility to the U.S.,' a pragmatic, strategic, and data driven antidote for the dysfunctions in the U.S.’s artist visa system.

Conference Sessions

Every year, Tamizdat provides dozens of educational sessions at professional events and conferences, addressing legal issues in international artist mobility.

Artist Mobility Forum

Join Tamizdat's listserv for real-time updates and conversation regarding international artist mobility.

Artist Visa Services

Tamizdat's Artist Visa Services provides assistance to independent international artists, in collaboration with our affiliated law firm, CoveyLaw.

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