Founded in 1998 by an international group of musicians, Tamizdat is a nonprofit organization that facilitates international cultural exchange. Tamizdat’s mission is motivated by the conviction that the international exchange and mobility of culture is fundamental to the growth of global civil society. Tamizdat has been involved with a wide range of activities aimed at facilitating international cultural exchange… we have booked festival showcases in the U.S. and Europe, organized tours, sponsored events, and for years we ran a CD distribution coalition. Since 2000, Tamizdat’s primary program activities have sought to help the international performing arts community address problems presented by U.S. immigration policy and procedure.

TamizdatAVAILTamizdat’s “Artist Visa Assistance and Information Line” provides pro bono legal assistance with U.S. visa problems to the international performing arts community. It is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and run in cooperation with New York Law School.

Artist Mobility Forum: Tamizdat hosts a forum for international cultural mobility stakeholders to share and discuss in real time their experiences, news, and other issues with artist visas. To join this email-based platform, please contact

Tamizdat Research: Tamizdat’s staff of lawyers and law students collects and analyzes data regarding U.S. visa issues encountered by the international performing arts community, and makes its findings and recommendations available to government and advocacy organizations. We have recently published a draft of our White Paper on Artist Mobility to the United States. The White Paper has been endorsed by these domestic and international arts organizations, NGOs, and private stakeholders.