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USCIS PROBLEMS: If your problem relates to a case which has encountered difficulties in processing at USCIS, please complete fields 10-13.
  1. 12. Was the petition received by USCIS?
  2. 12(d) If yes, was the petition approved?
  3. 12(f) If no, was an RFE received?
CONSULAR/PORT OF ENTRY PROBLEMS: If your problem relates to a case that has encountered problems at a U.S. consulate, embassy, or port of entry, please complete fields 14-16.
  1. 14. Has the artist completed a consular interview?
  2. 14(b) If no, has an interview been scheduled?
  3. 15. If the artist is Canadian, has the artist sought entry to the U.S.?

Tamizdat staff will contact you within 48 hours. If you have questions, please emailĀ avail@tamizdat.org.